The Edge of Coaching

#19 Paul Lawrence: Complexity, Purpose & Systemic Coaching

February 06, 2024 George Warren Season 1 Episode 19
The Edge of Coaching
#19 Paul Lawrence: Complexity, Purpose & Systemic Coaching
Show Notes

Paul is a leadership development consultant, coach, coach supervisor, and researcher. He founded Leading Systemically in late 2021.

Paul has published more than a dozen academic articles and book chapters and written six books on change, leadership, and coaching/team coaching, as we get into in the conversation. 

With over 5,000 coaching hours working with individuals, groups, and teams, he also supervises other coaches and designs/delivers leadership development programs.  

He has taught coaching and leadership at the Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong, is an Honorary Research Associate at Oxford Brookes University, and established the Association for Coaching in Australia.

Paul's LinkedIn -

Leading Systemically -

The Wise Leader - Link here

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